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THE REPAIR AND RESTORATION WORK of Lindsay Lambert grew from an abiding love of antiques. For many years, he and his wife Sandy operated an antique store in downtown Ottawa. Through that experience, he learned that so much of the value of antiques lies in the stories and memories they encapsulate.

His repairs and restorations reflect his understanding of how memories and stories can make objects very precious to their owners — and how damage can be heart-breaking. He uses his in-depth knowledge of traditional and modern materials and techniques and a meticulous attention to detail to put shattered memories back together.

All work begins with an assessment of the damage, including the impact of any earlier repairs that might have been done. An estimate is then developed, and the relative cost of repair compared to replacement is set out. With the options fully explained, the customer is able to decide whether to proceed.

Over more than 30 years of repairing and restoring china, glass and small antiques, Lindsay Lambert has developed an extremely high reputation in Ottawa for his work, and regularly receives referrals from major retailers of china and glass as well as satisfied customers.

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A customer in Orleans:
We took Lindsay a precious piece of family history, a tiny, 200-year-old teacup that was so badly broken I couldn’t even bear to look at the pieces. He fixed it so perfectly, you cannot see a line or shadow of a crack. I would never have thought it possible.

From the Glebe:
Lindsay Lambert fixed my platter, the last gift I received from my parents before my father died. He clearly realized how much it meant to me and the repair is invisible.

In a handwritten note:
Thank you so much for doing such a great job on our little Delft lamp. What an artist you are!